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Welcome to NN Travel Partner Pvt Ltd, a trusted travel management company dedicated to fostering long-term business relationships. Our corporate culture revolves around recognizing human values and providing exceptional customer care and employee orientation. At Classic Holidays, we take pride in offering exclusive travel packages to diverse destinations worldwide. As a fully-fledged Destination Management Company, we are passionate about promoting the rich culture, mesmerizing flora & fauna, and stunning sun-kissed beaches of Sri Lanka through our meticulously tailored inbound packages. Our commitment lies in continuously pursuing innovation, adapting to changes, and constantly improving our services to serve both our valued local and overseas clientele.

Traveling overseas, whether for leisure or business, can be incredibly satisfying when all your travel arrangements are attentively and professionally handled under one roof. NN Travel Partner Pvt Ltd takes immense pride in its unwavering reputation and strives to make you ” Feel the Real World.

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Our comprehensive range of services includes

Flight Reservations & Ticket Issuance

We provide seamless booking and ticketing services for flights, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience.

Visa Handling

Our expert team assists you with visa processing, making your international travel smooth and convenient.


We offer comprehensive travel insurance coverage to protect you against unexpected events during your journey.

Hotel Reservations

Experience comfort and convenience with our efficient hotel reservation services, ensuring the perfect accommodation for your needs.

Outbound Package Tours

Explore the world with our thoughtfully curated outbound package tours, designed to provide unforgettable travel experiences.

Additional Service

We go the extra mile to cater to your specific requirements, offering a range of additional services to enhance your travel journey.