NN Travel Partner Pvt Ltd management company. Our company believes in long term business relationship thus the corporate culture is geared to recognizing human values both in terms of customer care and employee orientation. Classic Holidays, offers exclusive travel packages to various destinations worldwide. Being a fully-fledged Destination Management Company, we are proud to promote the culture, flora & fauna and the sun and the beaches of Sri Lanka through our tailor made inbound packages. We focus to pursue innovation and adapt to changes by constantly improving our services, based on a proactive approach to serve our valued local and overseas clientele.

Our Mission

We will simplify the travel processes, establish high growth business in Sri Lanka and across all the seven continents and become a global travel management company.

Effective Travel Management   

NN Travel Partner pvt ltd works with its clients to respond to the complexities and challenges of business travel management while addressing the needs and expectations of travelers. NN Travel Partner pvt ltd sees travel management as a mulch-faceted undertaking, encompassing eight key levers that can generate savings while delivering service and enhancing security and sustainability:

  • Offering best-in-class traveler services and optimizing transaction processing.
  • Capturing hotel spend.
  • Optimizing air and ground transportation.
  • Enhancing policy compliance and demand management.
  • Increasing travel programs consolidation.
  • Enhancing security and embracing corporate social responsibility.
  • Addressing meetings and events expenditures.
  • Measuring Performance.